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Legal requirement? No problem.

Monitoring is usually a legal requirement; we like to think of it as an industrial MOT. High quality emission monitoring data are the key to proving that a process complies with the terms of the PPC or environmental permit. For process operators, knowing that reported data are as accurate and representative as possible is vital. That’s where we come in. The results we deliver to you will be correct. That assurance means you can report to the authorising body with total confidence.

We’re professional process engineers. We’ve developed an excellent reputation for the quality of emission monitoring data we can provide. That reputation makes us the company people turn to when they need to be sure of the very highest standards of emission monitoring.

We are pleased to include in our portfolio of clients that use our services: Kraft - Proctor and Gamble - GE Aviation - British Gas - Exxon Mobile - De La Rue International - WS Atkins - Polkacrest - The Scott Company - Thamesteel - Magellan Aerospace - Morgan Advanced Ceramics - Aggregate Industries - Hanson - Energos - Eaton Aerospace - Kinspan insulation. And we work with many, many small to medium enterprises that have monitoring requirements.