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Crematoria are slightly unusual and tricky to monitor, as they sometimes require triplicate sampling across three separate cremations of indeterminate duration. EMCo are fully conversant with the monitoring requirements of the Cremation sector, and have conducted many previous monitoring exercises.

One of the key changes to monitoring in the near future for existing crematoria will be the need to accurately monitor the mercury emissions. EMCo has many years of mercury testing to BS EN 13211 and has conducted many abatement efficiency trials.

If you are looking to enhance the monitoring you currently undertake or are interested in or abatement validation work as part of commissioning trials please give us a call…

EMCo Air Quality Consultants holds UKAS and MCERTs accreditation for stack emission sampling under BS ISO 17025 for a typical cremation suite:

• Mercury (BS EN 13211)
• Hydrogen Chloride (BS EN 1911)
• Particulates (BS EN 13284-1)
• VOCs (EN12619)
• Carbon Monoxide (BS EN 15058)
• Oxygen (BS EN 14789)
• Moisture (BSEN 14790)
• Dioxins And Furans (BS EN 1948)

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